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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 19, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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s needed for peoe committed to their tai-chi. >> yes. that is in washington square park. drivers enjoyed the rain during the morning commute. patrol reports only a slight increase i injuries but a big increase in commute time. >> travellers face delays up to two hours because of the weather. we expect rain saturday morni. >> spencer christian is live with live doppler 7hd. >> you can see rain ended over the bay area, diminished and we
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still have an area of showers over santa cruz mntains and the south bay. ckets of rainfall in spots. this is the wettest region now. this is the pattern. you can see moisture moving into our direction moving south of the golden gate and continuing through the sout bay. rain and slow in higher elevations. back to the bay area, rainfall totals very widely over t last 24 hours from nearly an inch and a half to kentfield to over nine tenths of an inch. 1600 in oakland. 4/100ths in hayward. 2/100ths in livermore, just trace amount in san jose, and redwood city. so parts of the bay area still need more rain this, is sort of a hit and miss system but there are more rainfall systems coming our way.
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dan? >> very good. thank you, spencer. >> as well come as rain is, we need more to recover fr the drought. here, you can see how far we are behind after three dry years. san francisco had 45 inches of rain since 2011. oakland, 42 inches of rain and in san jose, just 23 inches of rain in three ars. that is 47% of normal. >> anger in s francisco as dozensf protestors rally voicing their outrage over yet another tuition hike forhe university of california system. members of the committee of a board chose to ignore pleas to leave the cost of college alone the committee voted to raise
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tuition by 5%, translating into a $612 hike in the fall. >> one student id $600 could be rent. now, today, we not only saw students frusated with the process but we heard from the governor, the lieutenant governor and speaker. they were upset about this tuition hike. a committee voted to arove a hike as protestors in the room interrupted by chanting. the anticipated wro brought in any protestors. one student was detained today's vote will ask students to pay $612 perear.
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over five years, tuition would increase from 12192,000 to $15,000. >> we need a long term financial plan allowing us to grow california enrollment and reinvest in academic programs. >> uc argues what th state gives them is not enou but promised the university would get four years of increases as long as tuition levels remain flat andtoday, voted against the hike. >> we're not talking that there is a scarcity her >> the governor is proposing a way to reduce the structure.
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>> i think there are other alternatives i thinthe system needs more money. i believe that when i put legislation forwardnd i'm going to continue to work on that. >> i find it's painful t live in a state where we spend more money on incarcerated than we do on the future of america with our students. >>the proposal is expecd to pass. >> the school principal said someone outlined a mass shooting happening on campus theistrict and police made the decision to cancel clanses today and have lled in the fbi to help find theperson who sent that ssage. >> some information that was contained in there, we continue to analyze this as it goes along we look to determine is thi a credible threat? we were not able to invalidate
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any information in terms of the threat. >> tonight's meeting starts in less than than an hour at kaiser permanente arena >> oakland school district is reinstating a controversial curriculum on a cop killer after complaints from a national police organization. >> the superintendent presented his vision with no mention of an online cirriculum that created controversy this year, one he has now reinstated. >> what i won't allow is a diversion that is not our major cirriculum and focus to be distorted into a message that takes away from our primary focus. >> that is part of a web
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presentation called urban dreams. within a unit on martin luther king there is an opportunity on jamaal, serving a life sentence for a 1981 murder of a philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. the hes onasked students to consider the difference between king and jamaal. it was removed after cplaints from faulkner's widow. >> thisetired teacher wrote the section and includes the material on abu-jamaal. >> why wou a public school district allow a police lobby to dictate what can be taught?
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>> oakland unified expects to have the materiaback online in theoming weeks. in oakland, lra anthony, abc7 news. >> napa police are looking for help solving a fatal hit and run case, today, identitying a woman found dieing on highway 29. it happened early sunday. police say the woman was apparently a victim of a hit and run. police a releasing her name and picture in hopes of determining who she may have been with. >> some palo alter burglaries may have thought they were cler when in a town house, but tonight they're caught on camera. wayne? >> dan, wrong place, wrong time for burglar right place, right location and time for the homeowner who put
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in that home surveillance camera. police want to show that video to everyone and there is another element, the cat. it's a tale of two catand two burglars. that sound is a crowbar prying open the door of a home last night. a home surveillanc camera shows two cats, one in particular, watching the entry, >> it's not something you run into a police officer. >> police describe this as maybe the best home surveillance footage they've had. one suspect goespstairs another remains below. that is where the video stops not only the suspects cover the camera, they ripped it out and took it with them. but too late.
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the video had already been up loed to the cloud. >> do they look familiar? >> dectives are still investigating. >> bed on gloves and behavior, police are certain the intders have done this before. they made off with jewelry, a personal computer the police wt your help in identifying those men. the cats retued later, unharmed and uncagrined >> join us at 6:00. an earth shaking deal for earthquakes a naming rights deal for their brand new stadium. >> it's meant to bring the community together. >> former venture capitolist out to change the game of basketball and changing lives. and changing lives. >> what a local activi ♪ ♪
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>> an jose earthquakes have a new name to go with their new home. and it's one of the most lucrative deals in all of major league soccer. >> a new home for quakes taking shape but today a big announcement to go with a behind the scenes look. >> we wanted a partner that wasn't just a name on the building that brought value and in this area, having a technology partner.
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>> under a deal where $20 million, the facility will be known as avia stadium. this will be the first mls venue to be cloud enabled. >> i was like they're going to be able to bring clouds over? and shade us? >> avia is going to play a huge role in how technology i set up. officials say they'll be using cloud technology to their advantage. >> to help people communicate. >> costs have gone up, team officials say it has nothing to do with overruns but upgrades field level suites and what is expected to be the biggest outdoor bar in north america. players are hopeful the community will come and show support.
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>> if you know nothing about soccer you're going to get caught up in the passion of it. with this stadium, it's going to be a fun experience. >> this is a privately funded project and we're told ticket prices aren't expected to go up. >> it's interesting to note the deal is more valuable than the raiders coliseum deal. but it's not in the same league as the 49ers naming rights for the new levis stadium. >> 2000 needy people in oakland will enjoy a thanksgiving meal thanks to golden state warriors star clay thompson.
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the warriors announced thompson donated to oakland's thanksgiving lunch. saying it's something every family should be able to enjoy together. the event is next tuesday from 11:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon. >> a san francisco man is trying to change the games and lives of people who love to play it he's searching courts for good, but perhaps forgotten, stars. jake believes the game of basketball has become unaffordable so he left his job to develop a model called the run and ownly. he's inviting players to compete
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in battles >> it's a chance to showcase the talent and bring the community together and a form where we can adjust rules to help usher it into the modern era. >> that is the oint. >> there is no, he fouled me, we're just going. >> nick smith showed us some of what takes place. up to $300. >> everybody plays are really good. so it's more about competing than money but money is nice. it does help. >> a lot of us can play
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basketball real good. at a professional level but just barriers we may not have broken to get to that next level but i think it's a good start. >> anderson and his wife expect to spend $7,000 of their money per game. and will pay the guys on financial planning the 34-year-old hopes to expand his run and only to other cities, turning it into a business and reaching a goal of shaking up the nba. >> if we help improve basketball, we're going to be excited. >> the game on saturday is sold out. >> we'll see if it works. >> that is right. let's turn to weather.
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>> there is more on the way. >> most of the rain associated with the storm ended. pushing east, the wet weather has not left us yet. there is more on the way. upper 50s in other locations. here is a view of the golden gate bridge. showers diminishing tonight. brief and heavy rain tonight. there goes the cold front and
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hours at this moment. behind that, storm 2 and 3. still number 2, 3. this comes in through tomorrow. that will be bringing a burst of rain. then, we'll have morning rainfall. about 11:00 a wave of rain beginning to push into the north bay by mid afternoon, that system sweeping through we'll have trailing showers and pockets of rain tomorrow, then, a bit of a break. cloudy skies friday becoming cloudier as the day goes on. and saturday morning wet weather that looks like it's going to sweep through by afternoon.
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rainfall totals, a quarter inch to three quarters in lower elevations and three quarters to an inch and a half. sierra, light snow tomorrow. low temperatures upper 40s to low 50s, highs a narrow range around or just above 60 degrees that means from coast to inland and will be wet tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. so cloudy skies and no rain expected on friday. sunny skies sunday, sunny, mild monday and wednesday high temperatures up around 70 degrees again. >> thank you. >> there is a new way to fight fat and smooth skin on a part of the body that many consider to
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be a problem area. nose surgery solution for saddle bags. see the difference this treatment is making. >> they hoped to drive a point home. >> just ahead if facebook bus
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and e, accused of improperly attempting to influence a decision on natural gas rates and upgrades. today's ruling requires to up great transmission systems. if pg and e gets what it wants, rates could go up 12%. >> supporters rallied in front of facebook headquarters teamsters say there were 28 votes against joining their union. the company says it pays an hourly wage among the highest in the industry, along with medical
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benefits, vacation, holiday, and sick days. >> city council approved a proposal allowing the zoo to go ahead with a major expansion project. the zoo wants to build exhibits on 53 acres of a large open space that would include room for zoo animals and a gondola. environmentalists saying it would lead to a loss of critical habitats. >> still to come on abc7 news at 6:00 tonight president obama appears ready to make good on a promise to act on immigration reforms. one local republican likes it. >> i'm michael finney. san francisco is notorious for parking tickets. there is one ticket you may not have to pay. see what the deal is next in the special report. >> and so song san francisco for
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president obama scheduled to layout his immigraon reform plan despite opposition from republicans he made the announcement in this video, and expected to bypass congress and sign executive action friday. under the plan, as many as 5 million people in the country illegally would be eligible for work permits, removing the threat of deportation for parents of children who are u.s. citizens and revamp the work visa process >> what i'm going to layout is things i can do with lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as i continue to work with congress and encourage them to get a comprehensive bill that can solve the problem. >> the president said action is necessary because a wide ranging bill passed last year but
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stalled in the republican led house. >> people in the bay area have been waiting for the president to act on immigration. and those who have family to some who are concerned the borders are still not secure. vic? >> some are hoping the president will take a bold step since as you said congress has not scended over the overhaul measures. so whatever happens and the president says will affect millions of people. >> just as border is broken, so is the system. >> leo lacayo is a proud republican active in his pa politics. he supports what the president is expected to do. protect millions of unauthorized immigrants from deportation.
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>> i think he can bring more people into those umbrellas where they're temporarily protected until congress does the job, which is to finish immigration reform. >> others say they can't wait. immigration activists have become more confrontational. when president obama came in chinatown in may, the unexpected happened. >> that is what we're talking about her. >> this korean graduate student was disappointed mr. obama why did not talk about immigration reform, he is one of the so called dreamers, temporarily protected from immigration and can work legally in the u.s., his grandmother died recently. he's hoping the president will extend protection to other
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members of his family. >> my mom and sister do not have initiation he got his tail handed to him and asking like a spoiled brat. >> conservative republicans say mr. obama is overstepping boundaries. >> just saying you're not going to deport anyone, if they're here, they ought to be looking now to get rid them. >> senate republicans are calling the action un-constitutional and illegal. mr. obama is also expected to broaden the visa programs for highly-skilled tech workers. that is something skamy firms have been asking for. >> thank you, vic. >> dianne feinstein introduced legislation to give more tools to stop human trafficking.
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particularly by going after those who solicit sex from trafficking victims. up to 83% aremerican citizens and california has one worst problems with trafficking. >> u.s. military is scaling back the size and number of ebola treatment facilities the pentagon plans to build ten treatment facilities down from 17 u.s. also scaled back to 3,000 and then, why some are being scaled back but there are reports the rate has now subsided. >> two weeks after the election,
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democrats ebrra won a hard fought reelection. it was the country's most expensive race with $19.6 million in spending. >> is here is an interesting question. who can legally write you a parking ticket in california? >> what this means to you. >> yes. that is interesting. >> yes. >> several people contacted 7 on your side so we went looking into it. >> when a city parking enforcement officer writes a ticket, you have to pay. but what about these guys? private companies writing
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tickets in private lots. one afternoon we witnessed a lolt employee writing citations for cars parked in san francisco's laura village parking lot more than 90 minutes he used an electronic reader that looks similar to one ones city parking enforcement officers use. she got a ticket called parking control service >> i just wanted to run in and get something to eat z looked like i couldn't park here. >> who do you think wrote that? >> meter people? >> no. private company with nothing to do with the government. >> really? >> okay. your point? >> well, does that mean i don't have to pay it? >> that is the question. in 2011, attorney general harris
7:38 pm
issued a legal opinion about this >> according to the attorney general a land owner does not have the authority to issue these documents. >> that is a professor at hastings law school. he says the opinion is not law but could be used as a defense in court. >> when issuing the opinion, it doesn't have the force of lauf but sit very persuasive. >> the san francisco city attorney had no opinion. but across the bay, the city attorney and police department have warned a company about similar practices. >> the opinion says they don't have authority within the accompanying fine. we've made our private parking venture as ware of that.
7:39 pm
>> with respect to the opinion, tcs take nose position other than to say its own processes are lawful. white meeting a friend her car was cited by pcs. >> i felt victimized and angry. >> she went online and found the opinion. she didn't pay it and never followed up a letter. levine believes it doesn't pursue parking charges. >> my assumption that they'll call it a day. >> i do have a warning for everyone.
7:40 pm
it is clear that by law, private lots do have the authority to tow your car when it's parked in violation of the posting rules so keep that in mind. that got your attention, didn't it? >> yes. >> thank you. >> theft of two expensi
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police are figuring out if someone stole two valuable guitars. the man walked out, with two guitars, one was worth $25,000. the theft left students shaken and upset. >> they're wondering if they can
7:44 pm
leave guitars in lockers. >> he avoided security cameras and that leakly means he had been inside of the building before. >> the dow dropped two poents. retailers won't like this, nearly 60% say they'll be more cautious this year. another report says many plan not to shop on black friday. staples plans to shut 30 more stores saying sales shrank in three months but profits surged 61% in exceeded what investors hoped for. the first mcdonalds in russia reopened the restaurant was one of eight to close in russia this year. officials cited violations of
7:45 pm
sanitary codes but the decision amid mutual economic sanctions by russia and western countries. by russia and western countries. >> just ahead here at 6:00 can't say thank you enough. by russia and western countries. >> just ahead here at 6:00 you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can.
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>> epic snow storm blamed for seven deaths and snow keeps coming. hardest hit city has been buffalo with up to another three feet suspected by morning. officials closed a stretch of interstate 90 through today. >> more than 230 truck loads of snow removed from south buffalo over 5,000 tons of snow has been removed from south buffalo. >> the team is offering free tickets and an hourly wage.
7:49 pm
>> that could be a cold one. >> spencer? >> we're getting more rain. going to take a look at the buffalo area. here is our radar loop showing heavy snow is once again moving through that area. there is a lake-effect snow warning until 12:00 noon friday. so this is going to be another paralyzing storm. pockets of light showers and rain, mainly down in the south bay now. so this is winding down at the moment.
7:50 pm
looking to saturday, a big game with berkeley, showers game time. temperatures low to mid-60s here is the accu-weather forecast. drying out saturday, then sunny skies sunday through wednesday. >> he's following what's happening with the panda. >> and he's more responsive. the latest on the pablo sand joe value situation. value situation. is he about to leave the giants?
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my whole life, i didn't have because it was too expensive. as a professional dancer, i tend to beat up my body a lot,
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>> mild panic went through the bay area with an online report indicating there was a 90% chance of pablo sandoval with the giants. sandoval and his agent left boston without an offer in hand yet. an offer is expected by late tonight or tomorrow. i spoke with a high-ranking giants executive saying he remains optimistic but it's up to pablo. fear is that red sox goring to come in with a blockbuster offer. my personal opinion is that the geents don't want to go that high. i asked his agent if giants remain in the hunt he insisted every time i've asked they are, and ultimately will have the opportunity to match. stay tuned, tomorrow could be a
7:55 pm
big day. >> 49ers linebacker admitted he messed up on sunday and apologized brooks got upset and either got benched or benched himself. he had words with defensive line coach, spent the afternoon watching alden smith playing. >> i reacted out of my character. and i did not quit on the team. . i did not take myself out of the game. words said cannot be taken back they decided to just, you know not put me back in the game. >> i trust ahmad brooks and know he's going to make a vital contribution to the team. >> the raiders going to try is
7:56 pm
to snap a losing streak. rookie carr is optimistic they're going to turn this around soon. >> i play for others i want to see ef one else smile and our fans happy. that makes me excited. i'm excited for the opportunity. i can see hopefully my friends smiling. >> one of the treats of big game week is annual guardsman luncheon. cal and stanford alums getting together in anticipation of the big game. the winner not only takes the coveted axe, but victor becomes bowl eligible. >> we can't worry about the past. we're a new team, a better team,
7:57 pm
more focused and >> it will be an honor. and cal, which is classes that would be an awesome way to go out. >> first, receiving a second fine for failing to talk with the media during the week. second, noticed a wallet, picks it up and drives to the house to give it back. >> last name had to be lynch. like this could be my cousin but it doesn't look like me. you know, we played and thought
7:58 pm
we can take it back. >> lynch on his way to an assembly the school suffered a shooting three weeks ago so doing a good deed. >> no updates tonight, talk to you tomorrow. >> good enough. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the airline trying to stop hidden city fares people use them to get discounts. how it works, at 9:00 >> then, at 11:00, when diet and exercise are not enough, there is a new way to trim those problem areas. >> and our coverage of breaking news continues on abc7 news at
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